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AGGAT scope and basis

AGGAT diamond

The technologies in consideration pre-dominantly arise from power generation cycles that can be used for efficient conversion of heat into electricity generation. The AGGAT programme embraces any above-ground technology or concept that can align itself with efficient energy harnessing systems.

The AGGAT research and development objectives are based around (but not limited to) innovation of power generation systems. These are currently derived from an industrially proven thermodynamic process for generating electricity using low enthalpy resources called the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC). A specific advantage of this technology is its ability to harness energy at lower operating temperatures (80C 150C) through the use of a low temperature boiling organic binary fluid (called binary because of use of two fluids in the heat transfer process). This advantage makes it possible to avail abandoned hydrothermal oils wells, low temperature geothermal reserves and even industrial waste heat to convert into usable power. An immediate industrial advantage achieved from this is the reduction of parasitic loads on a large operating facility.

The above advantages are expected to facilitate globally significant economic improvements. The AGGAT programme achieves exactly that through its unique and enviable combination of talented team individuals, resources and facilities to achieve this common goal of a better future.

Research Themes - The AGGAT Diamond

The R&D work contained in the AGGAT programme is conveniently represented through the AGGAT diamond as shown below in Fig. 1. The figure depicts the 4 corners of the diamond as the framework of research and requirement from the programme. The programme will focus on:

  • Renewable energy sources such as geothermal, waste heat, solar thermal etc
  • Energy conversion technologies such as ORC / Kalina
  • Scales of operation from lab through to commercial stage
  • Effective means of new technology integration into existing processes

Within this framework of research, we have defined 5 research themes which have commonality with the above framework and enable its achievement. The most convenient distribution of themes is: