Cooperation opportunities

We welcome any interest in opportunities for collaboration on development projects and organisations / entities that may wish to collaborate with us on specific AGGAT-centric projects. Some of the current opportunities currently available are described below however are not limited to these alone.

Turbine Development Programme

The AGGAT programme currently has international partnerships with technology driven entities interested in progressing new and innovative turbine designs from small scale through to their industrial application potential. The AGGAT programme is able to offer a variety of testing environments for demonstration purposes of turbine performance and operation. Significant challenges are addressed in this programme looking at turbine as well as expander dimensional design features such as turbine blades or angles as well as operational issues such as sealing and blade erosion under wet steam operation. Opportunities exist for any turbine related issues that require investigation and can avail AGGAT resources effectively.

Alternate testing sites

Pilot scale power generation plants are currently being designed and installed at pre-selected reference sites in NZ providing low enthalpy resources. These sites will be developed for future reference purposes to establish successful operation of ORC plants and any other technology that could also be substituted in the existing demonstration mould. These demonstration facilities provide advantage of reduced parasitic loads returning additional revenue to the site provider. Being a demonstration facility, the site provider gets this free of cost which is an advantage for anyone wishing to collaborate through provision of their heat resource for similar testing purposes.

Program membership

AGGAT membership

The AGGAT programme operates on the basis of co-funding partnership. Committed industry partners support the program by providing their facilities, capabilities and resources to build their own prototype versions of fabricated products. Depending on the nature of engineering tasks involved, the support mechanism is agreed upon to be either in the form of time commitment or monetary which is valued by all. In the end the success of the operating technology rewards the industry members as an additional manufacture in their product portfolio and also as a reference for sales and marketing. The AGGAT team members participate in the sales and marketing strategy to make the product success a commercial success for the industry supporting member. This mechanism can be availed by anyone interested in demonstrating the successful working on their AGGAT related product in an industrial environment if it means commercial success for them afterwards. This is an excellent opportunity to test the quality of your manufactured product / plant with different heat resources which can be a great selling point / marketing tool for future sales of your product portfolio.

Propose a Research Stream

The AGGAT programme covers all aspect of above ground power generation technology. While this is currently focused on low enthalpy sources and small scale plants, the long term strategy is to expand these to incorporate alternate renewable heat sources as well as scale up the plant sizes to meet the demand for large ORCs.

Aspect of below ground technology that may have relevance to above ground technology aspects are also very welcome.