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Research framework

The framework for AGGAT research spans the complete energy conversion process from the renewable energy source through to the integration of new technologies and is specifically limited to the above ground elements of the process. Therefore this research will not be investigating below ground technology or direct heat applications. These areas of development while of interest to industry need to be categorised separately from the AGGAT research framework.

Considering the focus on above ground technologies, all forms of power conversion technologies form part of the AGGAT research framework.

A possible research framework is designed based on the following major investigative areas of above ground technology:

  • Renewable energies
  • Conversion technologies
  • Scale of operation
  • Technology integration

A flow diagram showing the breakdown of research framework is given in Fig. 2 below. It highlights the areas of

  • Current interest and active research (green)
  • Next set of logical steps building on from current research activities (blue)
  • Long term research interests that also form part of AGGAT research framework (red)

Active research indicates research activities that are planned for the next 3-4 years and have active engagement developed from interested parties. The next steps may follow on chronologically or they may have lower priority in research at present. Long term research activities are likely to get attention once we start generating outcomes from current research activities. Research and development in long term activities within a 10 year period is conceivable.

Breakdown for framework for research in above ground technology